Spindle On? Turn on Spindle > Dialogue box closes > X/Y Lost

Hi Everyone.

I’m loading 3D tool paths posted from Fusion 360 and have an intermittent problem.

I finish my first path and the router returns home.
I do my tool change, re’probe and select ‘use old x/y’.

So far so good.

Then on the screen that says: ‘dust boot attached?’ and ‘spindle on?’, I connect the dust boot and turn on the router.
Once every three or four times however, the dialog box closes before I can press carve (when I turn on the router), and if/when I reprobe and select ‘use old x/y’ it doesn’t work any more and my first tool path is wasted, as is my stock.

Any suggestions on how to get around this would be helpful, as I hate to waste stock.

Much thanks.

It sounds like something is causing lost connection between pc and the controller. Possibly worn brushes in the router as you say it happens when you turn on the router.
You may try placing the router on a different circuit than the controller. Maybe you have dust collection and router on same circuit that is causing the issue.
Also if you have homing switches you can home the X Carve after rebooting and then choose last xy for your
next carve. Last xy position is saved even thru power cycles but you must home so the machine has a reference point.

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Sounds like your USB connection drops out due to RF/EMI noise from the router.
Have you tried a powered USB hub? It usually provides a firmer electrical link, more resistant to such noise.

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Never thanked you guys for your feedback earlier this year. Thanks!

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