Spindle Options with ER11 Collet? Seeking Advice

I have been very happy with the 300W quiet spindle but now that I have gained a little experience and put a lot of hours on the machine, I can see that it is starting to show some signs of wear in the form of runout caused by the lower bearing wearing out.

While learning to use the X-Carve I have acquired a number of bits and ER11 Collets. My bits are 1/4", 1/8", 4mm and 6mm.

So ideally I would like to find a new (more powerful) spindle that can also use the ER11 collets. Is there such an animal?

I know I can just bite the bullet and purchase the Dewalt 611, purchase three new collets and call it a day. But I am a bit suspect of changing bits on the 611 with the push lock for the spindle shaft. It seems to me that I will be more likely to move the spindle location when changing bits on the 611.

With the two wrenches on the ER11 the forces are balanced and I can change the bit without moving anything.

Or maybe not that I am less likely to abuse the spindle (the first 10 hours of use use were hard on the machine and spindle with a few scary moments of crazy deep cuts and wasteboard drilling). I should just get another 300W quiet spindle and start fresh.

I think a lot of the VFD spindles that have been discussed on the forum are ER-11 collets. The 800w is pretty comparable to the Dewaly 611 (Dewalt - 1.25hp, VFD Spindle - approx. 1 hp).

And one advantage with the VFD spindle is that it has rpm control that can be controlled by the motion controller (I think) with not modification to the spindle itself.

I haven’t upgraded to one yet, but I’m sure I will be in the future.

Thanks for idea, Is there a 110 volt version, I looked at Inventables site for spindles and I did not see a 800W option. Who makes a high quality 800W VFD spindles?

You can get 110v versions, and I think there are a couple users here who have gotten them. The set up is a bit advanced, but I think if you were able to set up the X-Carve, setting up the spindle shouldn’t be so bad.

It looks like most people are getting them through amazon, but there was someone here how found a supplier in the US. I found them on aliexpress.com, but mostly 220v versions. I’ll have to look through the forum but I know I’ve talked to a couple people about this.

From my understanding you need a 1500w 110v VFD Inverter and a 800w Spindle (water cooled or air cooled). These spindles are a bit more expensive, but they are built specifically for CNC work, so theres that.

Here’s a couple posts on the topic:

I’m still using all my 1/8 bits with Dewalt. Just a couple box for adapter. If that is the reason you’re sticking with Stock Spindle, check this out. Hope helps.

hey alan it says those are for use with a die grinder. do they actually work with the router collets? the flange on the end is what i presume is the difference

here is the adapter i bought from mlcs


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I saw that one, it works, but what I found have extra groove, makes positioning easy on 1/4 Colette. They’re all same working wise.

Yeah, I ordered the same one as @BadWolf, hoping I don’t have to go the route of a $75+ collet from Precise Bits…

You never need to pay that much, you can’t feel difference. I can’t find the invoice I purchase 6 of them lot cheaper and very good quality. I put every time used 1/8 bits in them, when ever I need they’re ready for me. It was somewhere $4 or 5. I will find it.

If you go with the dewalt this is the way to go http://www.elairecorp.com/dewaltroutercollets.html item # DWP-1250 worth a few extra bucks. Mine came today really top notch, no vibration or slippage works great! now I just need to figure out this Z-Axis issue :frowning:

What’s wrong with your Z?

Started having issues with it plunging or raising in the middle of a job, as I was troubleshooting I had another spindle die on me. I figured the spindle was the issue, Zack came through for me and fixed me up, but still having the Z issue which means the spindle was a secondary issue. Sam st Help@Inv… seems to think it’s a loose wire, I have redone all the z connections 3 times. I’m going to get some new wire at Home depot tomorrow, maybe there’s a break in the line (Although i tested the continuity) but you never know, the only other thing I can think of is the G shield. Time will tell, but dropping a 1/4 inch on a job out of no where is scary with the dewalt (Thank god I installed a emergency switch awhile back :slight_smile: )

When my first spindle problem started, there wasn’t Dewalt mouth available. What I did was I used another 24V power supply for stock spindle and problems disappeared. Two days latter Z started to rise deathly, no matter I did didn’t help. Finally, I removed Fan over electronics and put two thick enough plastic bushings on top of G-shield and Fan plate, pushed down firm enough to install two screws on it. Problem gone, never came back. I’m the first one received Dewalt hardware, I changed it but still missing my little spindle was working nice with external 450W power supply. I think you better focus on G-Shield/Arduino connection.

oh yes,its good, I find ER-11 collets and 800w form fasttobuy.com , ant it is pretty comparable