Spindle over heat?

Anybody had a problem with the spindle over heating? This is the 300W that I got with the X-Carve.

Seems like it over heated then stopped spinning. A few minutes later it turned on for a second and is now not working.

To be fair it is really hot in the garage.

Sounds like a dead spindle to me. Contact Inventibles and ask for a replacement.

I’ve run mine for about 5hrs now and it is cool enough to touch, no problem.

Yah i ran it for like 6 hours yesterday no problem. Good call.

Dump that spindle for a DeWalt611, you’ll be glad you did. Inventables should offer you a refund for that spindle.

I’ve run my spindle for long run times 5+ hours and it gets fairly hot. Hot enough where you don’t want to touch it but it hasn’t died yet. Would that indicate faulty spindle as well?