Spindle Path Cutting 3/4" Above Material

I’m having an issue with my X-Carve and the z depth of the spindle changing during the cut.

The first tool path will start and it will cut directly into the material. However once it is finished with the cut and moves onto the second tool path line, the spindle is now around 0.5" or so above the material now completing the tool path line up in the air.

There may be a general z-depth issue because the first tool path is set to cut all the way through and it doesn’t.

I’ve tried both using both manual and z-probe as well as different files and just trying to text tool and it does it every time.

Any help would be great!

Lower “Z” assembly, so it reaches your waste board. or possibly check the setting for your probe.

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Is this the newer version Z axis by chance? If so its likely that the Z axis assembly needs lowered…

I am fairly new to this too. I had this problem early on. It was the entire assembly for my router. It was not low enough to touch the waste board…let alone cut through the material sitting on it. It was easy to remove the screws and drop the whole thing down about 1" or so.

Thanks all - that did the trick!