Spindle power on toggle

Finished my build saturday and have been carving up everything I can get my hands on. I love it!
I was carving using easel and decided to switch the toggle switch for the spindle to “on” on the stock power supply and the spindle went into turbo mode (rpms that is)

Where should the toggle switch be set - logic or on?

Should be on logic. Did you tell machine setup spindle auto. Must be on logic if you did.

Yes I did.
I was wondering why it spin so fast with the switch on and would it hurt to run that way?
I’m routing mdf and mahogany.

That’s the reason for Logic Toggle mode. Software controls power for spindle. Direct on mode sending 24V to spindle. Which full Throttle.

Is there anything wrong with running “full throttle” when carving mahogany guitar bodies (perimeter route 1 and 13/16" deep) with a 1/8" straight endmill?

You have stock spindle, you better slow it down a little. That crazy vibration might give harm to bearings. I would decrease cut depth half way with slower RPM. Mahogany is not that hard wood. Fast RPM is not gonna give you better cut. Just be patient, Start with slow feed rate, shallower depth, until you find sweet spot. I suggest start recording kind of chart for all cut parameters, you can come up with nice cutting plan by the experience.

Thanks Alan for the advice.
I’ve been doing that for a few days now. Everything has been running so good I just thought maybe it could be even better. :smile:


I’d also recommend leaving it on logic to keep the software control.

To see if it can be better/faster/cleaner setup a curve in Easel and keep cutting it in the same material again and again with different depths and speeds until you get the sweet spot then write it down.

E.g. the default values on the materials are “safe” but depending on the material, the bit etc. you can do better. I cut MDF at 10000rpm, 1mm depth and 1250mm/min with a 1/8" up cut. That was found through trial and error.



woohoo! thanks for the info Ian.
Any experience with mahogany?

Not yet Greg. Just softwoods, MDF and copper sheet so far.