Spindle problems

So I’ve had my x-carve running for a few days now and tonight when I went to run a carve, I flipped the switch and no spindle. With the switch on I gave it a little spin by hand and she started going, but then stopped again in the middle of the carve. I’m on manual control not logic, and I triple checked my connections. Any ideas, or is it just a bad spindle. I’ve only run a few projects so I really hope not.

It’s a bad spindle. I, and several other people, have experienced the same failure. It’s a minor bummer, but send an e-mail to help@inventables.com right away explaining the problem. They’ll expedite/overnight you a new one and provide a pre-paid return label for the old one so they can send it back to the manufacturer for analysis.

Sorry it happened to you too, but Inventables will make good on it just as fast as they can. :smile:

thank you for the quick response. i saw the other forum post dealing with this, and sent out the email. In a small was i’m just kind of glad to see I’m not the only one.