Spindle quit mid carve

So half way through a carve my spindle started slowing down then speeding back up (surging). I paused the carving and shut off the spindle only. Now it will not turn on again. I run my machine at least 3 times a week. I have only had the xcarve since earlier this year and would hate to think I burned up a spindle already. Or do you think it may be the brushes?

I would say check the brushes.

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WIN_20190914_16_16_53_Pro Yeah I would say they are worn out… nice to know I can change them right on the machine as soon as I get new ones

Thanks WayneHall

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Most likely brushes. Here’s how to change them:

Thank You for the video. I have them out headed to the hardware store in town tomorrow, they stock a few different types maybe I get lucky. Ordered a set from Amazon just in case

Always keep a spare set on hand you never know when they will go out.