Spindle Slow Down?

Weird behavior? All of a sudden the Quiet cut spindle just got very noticeably quieter and seemed to slow down significantly? It is still cutting? I have the LOGIC CONTROLLER on the power supply set to logic. I tried flipping it to “on” but nothing changed?

Any thoughts as to what just happened? There are no speed changes in the g-code. It happened mid-operation.

Running Universal g-code sender.

Wondering if spindle is about to die?

Oh yah this thing is dying i believe LOL

Goes back to fast for a bit, then looses steam again.

Time to bite the bullet and go for the Dewalt i think.

Check for a loose or broken wire.


I would spring for the dewalt or a spindle with a .5" collet that will give you lots more options

Yeeeeeeup, that’s a dead spindle. Come on over to the DeWalt side, it’s worth it! lol

Has it carbon brushes?

No loose wires. Not sure about brushes, it is the Quiet cut from Inventables.

Dewalt ordered. Love me some same day Amazon prime! Mount in the mail!