Spindle speed in Easel

I am using Easel with a Carvey, and I’ve noticed that in the cut options, there is no setting for spindle speed. Does this mean that Easel always uses max (12000 rpm?) spindle speed when cutting for Carvey?

Hey @ahochan. You’re right, Carvey will always use the max spindle speed, unless you are uploading you’re own gcode and set a spindle speed otherwise (via S6000 command for example). When testing Carvey in the early days, we found that we’d get the best results with a max-speed spindle.

We found max speed gave us the best results in our feeds and speeds testing, across all materials.

An exception might be for large bits. I often use a 1/2" bit for wood clearing (https://www.inventables.com/technologies/carbide-tipped-2-flute-straight), and when I make toolpaths for it in Fusion 360, it always suggests a much lower spindle speed at around 7000 rpm, whereas the defaults for 1/4" and smaller bits are 10.000 rpm or more, which is very close to the 12000 rpm Easel default.