Spindle Speed & Vcarve Pro Issues

I bought the X-carve 1000mm kit and was wondering what RPM my spindle is. I looked at my invoice and got the 300w 24VDC spindle and see they no longer use that voltage it looks like 48VDC is the current spindle for 300W. Technical Data they have the speed at 3000RPM – 12000RPM. I don’t have a speed control on mine so would I assume its running at a constant 12000RPM?

I’m trying to experiment with some feed rates because I am having some major issues with Vcarve Pro and Universal Gcode Sender. I did a small project last night and carved the letter “O” with Easel with no problem, I then did the same carve with Vcarve Pro and the spindle dove into the wood and the letter was not smooth and erratic. I don’t think I have a belt problem because I did a heat shrink tubing job on the ends. I’ve been reading about the motor voltages but don’t at this point know if that could be an issue or not. I really want to get Vcarve perfected because of the capabilities it has over Easel.

Any help is appreciated.

the 300w spindle has a 14000 rpm max. not sure why yours would have a 48vdc

Sorry for the confusion, I was referencing the 48vdc now in the specs for current spindles. Mine is 24vdc. In further reading I guess my current spindle is speed controlled by either Easel or Gcode created in Vcarve Pro?

Totally new at this so I’m sorry if the questions have been covered before, but do appreciate the friendly atmosphere here on the board.


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No prob with the noob questions, every expert was once a beginner and some still are!

In v carve pro under the tool selection menu you can specify the spindle speed. both as a universal settting and in separate menu for just the job at hand in the toolpathing menus.

make sure you watch the units of measure when setting up your gcode. Also UGS has a habit of changing frorm mm to inches and (?) vice versa with out reflecting it on the screen. this may account for your spindle digging for china.

Thanks J, I have heard about the UGS mm to inches but how would I verify the correct setting before I hit the send button in UGS? I have also seen folks who posted their GRBL settings and was wondering how I know mine are correct. I have the 1000mm X-Carve with the ACME lead screw and NEMA 23 stepper motors. I do know I have ver 9i.

again thanks for your help.

I always just manually click mm and then back to inches before sending

You might consider ordering a tach to see your actual spindle speed. I don’t believe the spindle speed setting in your software has anything to do with reality. For instance, I would be very surprised if you could get these spindles above 12k rpm at their rated voltage: