Spindle speed- x carve

I am 3d carving on Oak with a 1/8 inch round nose bit. The router is jumping all around. Can anyone tell me what the spindle speed should be as well as rpm etc. ??? When I did a sample on pine, it was fine.

If you are getting a lot of chatter check to be sure everything is tight. You may have a loose eccentric somewhere.

As for the spindle rpm keep the Dewalt setting near 1 maybe 2 if you have a faster feed rate.

What settings are you using?

Did you do a roughing pass first?

Way too little info to tell you what’s wrong.

that’s what I was wondering too.

RPM won’t be the problem probably, since 95% of jobs can be ran at lowest setting.

Pine is much softer than oak, so you can’t just copy settings from one to the other. Also grain direction can play an important role.

As others have said, more info would be helpful, and a video of the problem even more so :wink: