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I am new to all the cnc and I am trying to learn before buying. One thing I am wondering, is that the spindle that come with the machine can be controled by the software for the rpm speed. Can it also be done when you replace it with a dewalt or bosh ? As I read they are more quiet and powerfull. Or do you to manually control the speed all the time ?

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The Dwalt and Bosh routers are more powerful yes, but they are also much louder than the spindle.

These routers also don’t come out of the box with any RPM control that the software would have access to. There are third party modifications that you can make that will allow for rpm control via the electronics on the X-Carve, but that will be something you would have to “hack” together yourself… Something like this:

I personally decided to start with the quieter spindle that is available during the selection process and pick up a router or more powerful spindle when I get a better feel for what is needed.

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So if I understand correctly, the router that comes with the machine can be speed controlled by the gcode but not a dewalt without modifying with the kit you posted. When you use a dewalt or other third party you need then to set manually the speed before launching the machine ?


Yes. If you use Easel it prompts you when to turn on the spindle.

if you are just using the on switch (not logic controlled) what is the default rpm?

I am a cnc newbie as well, and after some of the initial issues with the spindle, I opted to change my order from the 300w spindle kit to the dewalt dw660 mounting plate. As I have read more posts regarding depth of cut and speed, I had the realization that I won’t be able to adjust the speed of my router. I work almost exclusively on small wood projects; wall decor, wooden gear clocks, boxes, small furniture, etc. Do any of you foresee the lack of speed adjustment being an issue, or can I counter it by adjusting my depth per pass and feed rate?

No-load speed was stated as 14k RPM.

Rockler sells this router speed control. http://www.rockler.com/router-speed-control


Thanks @DavidSohlstrom. I’m thinking I should have stayed with the quiet cut. Do you know if I’ll be able to accommodate a consistent rpm by adjusting other parameters?

@EmoryBuckner I own a ridged 2400 trim router. I will build a custom mount so I can use it on my machine until I get my custom spindle built. It has build in variable speed control.

I like the way it goes into the factory base. I can’t say I like the DW660 mount It looks like it will be a problem keeping it ridged on the Z slide.

Here is a link to the 2400 that Home Depot sells.



Thanks a lot Dave!