Spindle stop

How can the spindle be parked far after the project is over?

I mean when the project is finished I want the spindle to stand far from x0 & y0
let it be x12 y12

There is a “park” option via a button that appears at the “carve complete” screen …but its preset to move 300mm to the rear and that setting isnt adjustable.

In other gcode senders you can setup macros to perfom functions like that, to move it to a specific location or specific distance away.
But easel does not have the option for these sort of user programmable buttons unfortunately.

You can type in a jog amount like 12" and just click jog back then jog over to get to the position you mentioned. But it would take like 5 keystrokes instead of clicking one button :man_shrugging:

Do you mean to specify it from programs other than the easel program, such as Aspire???

By “other gcode senders” I mean UGS (Universal Gcode Sender) or OpenBuilds, even Candle gcode senders allows the user to program custom buttons that remain on the screen for you to click as soon as the job completes.

If youre using aspire to make the toolpaths youre better off using UGS or OpenBuilds to control the cnc instead of Easel btw.

Thank you very much for your interest and quick response. I am grateful to you

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