Spindle turns off during generate path

i have been using my xcarve with the dewalt 611 spindle for about a month or two now. i have the spindle and the shopvac plugged into the relay switch from amazon. everything was working fine, but in the last two days there seems to be an issue.

i get everything ready to carve (go through the easel steps), “raise spindle”, “turn spindle on”, “check that spindle is on” and then “carve.” when i click "turn spindle on, it comes on (along with the shopvac). when i click carve, the screen changes to “generating paths,” at this moment the spindle turns off, but as soon as it is done generating the paths the spindle turns back on and the project cuts just fine.

not a major issue, just something that i was curious about. did something change within the easel program? does my x-carve arduino board and shield know that it is going to be replaced with the x-carve controller? like i said, nothing major just curious.


I think easel has changed. I get the same functionality when I import gcode and start a run.

Mine did this the other day it freaked me out thought i was going to have a tool crash. Must be something updated in easel.