Spindle Upgrade: 1.5kw or 3kw?

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I’ve been using my X-carve for a while using the standard 300w spindle to carve aluminium, but I find it too slow.

I’ve been using bits as small as 0.2mm, and it keeps snapping, even at feedrates at just 20mm/minute, slow and still snaps, is it because of a low RPM 300w spindle?

Will it be better and faster to get a 1.5kw or 3kw water-cooled spindle upgrade?

Those are way too big for the Xcarve. I had originally ordered the 1.5kw but had to return it as it was too large/heavy and ended up getting the 800kw water cooled version.

You will never spin a .2mm fast enough with an electric spindle. I ran some numbers on Gwizard. Gwizard will only go to 100,000 RPM and that is to slow to get a surface speed of surface meter per minute (SMM) of 183 that is recommended. 100,000 RPM gives 63 SMM.
I have to reduce stick out to .8mm, depth of cut (DOC) to .04mm, width of cut (WOC) .2mm in order to get tool deflection in the black at .0018mm

You don’t need HP for that size cutter you need speed and lots of it.


All of the Chinese VFD spindles probably top out at 24,000 RPM given that that 400 Hz is the highest speed that these VFDs will provide, 400 Hz * 60 sec/min = 24,000 RPM. You will get more torque out of the higher wattage models but not more speed.

I’m surprised they even make endmills that small. Are you sure they are not just carbide drill bits for PCBs?

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What CAM are you using to program your toolpaths? How are you doing your Z Zero on your stock? what controller are you driving the mill with?

I’m actually a beginner, using just Easel.

Ok, so higher wattage doesn’t give me higher speed but just higher torque.

@ChrisWundram yes it’s actually PCB drill bits, but the chinese site claimed it can cut aluminium, so I tried it out with really low feedrate, it works but not 100%.

Is there any way that I can upgrade a spindle with higher speeds? Will it help?

What is your recommendation for making coins and lapel pins with Moderate amount of details? I am actually trying to carve out a Porsche badge.

Can you send a link for the endmills/bit you are trying to use? I do a ton of fine detail aluminum work and might be able to help you out if I can see what it is you are trying to use. Are the they cutting before breaking or breaking right off the bat as soon as they touch? You say they are drills? Are you trying to cut with them or drill with these?

For engraving fine detail, research V-bits.

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When they say it can cut aluminium, they probably mean it can drill aluminum. The bit probably only has cutting edges on the bottom, and the flutes on the sides are just for clearing chips. You could probably cut aluminum my plunge roughing, basically just drilling a bunch of holes in a pattern.

for making coins, use a small ball nose bit to rough out the pattern, like maybe a 1mm or 1/16" bit. Then use a V shaped engraving bit to do the details. You won’t be able to do narrow slots (like smaller than 1mm), but you shouldn’t need to for a coin. The engraving bit will probably do a great job of cutting text, and you could use it with a v carving toolpath generator like F-Carve or V-Carve.

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The higher the motor power rating the larger the physical size will be and of course the heavier it will be. You must consider if your machine can handle bigger and heavier motor. If your bit keeps snapping or breaking consider changing your bit with the ones intended for aluminum works. You could use different dremel bits to come up with the designs you are trying to carve. It takes some practice to achieve techniques in carving aluminum with different bits.

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I met a universal problem, Yes I think you shoud upgrade 1.5KW 24000rpm spindle