Spindle upgrade Advice


Would this one work for the X-Carve with the solid maker slide.
its about 8 LBS and the Dewalt is 4.6LBS
If I have to beef up the X and Y carriages whats the recommendation you guys who are more experienced?

If not What is the maximum weight that the X-carve can hold spindle wise?
Also I have the suckit and it adds a bit of weight to the system with the hose and frame.

I am looking for a balance.
I want to be able to do small aluminum detail carving and also do the wooden signs out of hard and soft woods.
I would be ok with a lesser HP spindle but this was in a bundle deal. Also I am ok with getting it from Ebay. I am only concerned with mainly the weight and what others here have experience with.

Found this and read some more.
Would this work?
Thanks again for any input.

I have used one of these (water cooled version) on the X-Carve and it works OK. It’s a fair bit heavier that the Makita that I normally use but it does work and can run at a much lower speed than the Makita.
IF you search, you’ll find a few threads from users with these on (possibly) modified X-Carves.

Whats the Weight of it GeoffSteer?

@StephenCook The 800W, water cooled spindle weighs 2.45kg.