Spindle VFD Upgrade thoughts & ideas for X-Carve 2017 model

i have a 1Kmm 2017 model,
and been thinking about how to upgrade the Spindle from 52mm to 105mm,110mm, or 125mm.
with a 3-Phase 400Hz 24k rpm, 3.2KW Watercooled spindle or more…
and a VFD from Invertek…

the reason is: bigger the diameter, Faster cut needs more torque…
bigger&fatter drills need more torque.
smaller drills need a faster spindle >60k rpm.
simple as that.

the original Spingle Carriage, is too small.
but 2x china sellers have spindle clapms brakets for 100m 105, 110, 125mm spindles,
but… do not fit the Original X-Carve Z-carriage, & needs heavy modification.
80028 - Extruded Carriage
25280-02_rev_1 Delrin Nut
is plastinc, needs to be modified to be aluminium nimimum, with ball screws.

14050 - MakerSlide End Plate
maybe is too thin, but its made from Steel, 12Gauge, maybe strong enough, problema definitaly are the aluminium rails, too weak.

Pinion Gear Ratio is not strong enough to move the very heavy 125mm spindle.
but china has belt pinion upgrades: 120 wheel tp 24 thooths.
1:5 Ratio that could work,
also Oriental Motor sells Step Motors with Reduction Gear Ratio 1:2
so it would be 1:10 ratio… “10x times stronger but slower Z-Axis.”
also the Lead Screw can be changed to one that has more turns per rpm,
increasing torque, but also Z-Time.

so 125mm spindle is worth it?
do i sell X-Carve and buy a Tormach ? “Ready” or a Probotix?
questions keep spinning on my mind.

main problem is that X-Carver needs a lot modifications… Before i can make my own modification…
would be step levels, modification levels. to achieve the desired strengh.

the ideal would be to make my own parts with the cnc but is not strong enought to cut steel, or aluminium, yet. to build it stronger.

so definitely ALL XYZ Upgrades are needed first…





also im using MACH4 with Parallel Port Plugin in W7x32 machine…

not a fan of Mach, because copy protection is linked to Board, HDD.
and they do not want to use a friendly USB dongle, like Steinberg eLicenser or ilok.
CNC computer must be Final, and dedicated.
No one told me that…
i lost al the activation licenses i had, testing different setups.

so Not a fan of Mach4.

Then a CAD CAM software + a very accurate digital ruler,
somethin like this:

to make the parts i need, for the next modification.
when that next modification is ready, build parts for the next level modification.
building muscle every step of the way.

will try NX Cad/Cam 30-day trial first…

but probably will end up using what everybody does:

maybe Cinema4D next…
Rhino3D, etc…


finally received the:


its 4" wide, but the quality was not as i thought, i was expecting higher, but works…

some parts need to be upgraded, for a serious spindle…

basically there are 2 issues:
#1. dual guide bars/rods have oxide rust, not a big deal, i was hopping stainless steel rods. “can be upgraded very easy.”
#2. the anti-backlash plastic nut, disintegrates if there is dust in the leadscrew or if Leadscrew is bent <1mm or less creating more dust, like a low quality PVC 12" Record + a very sharp elliptical needle, cuts the grooves like butter.
moving down was ok, but moving up was like a ratchet.
cleaning seems to work now.
chassis is ok.

seller recommends: Fast Travel Leadscrew with AB Nut ugrade

but i don’t want fast travel, because im planing to use a heavy spindle, the biggest i can fit…

there are other sellers that sell “compatible parts”,

but i want a Ballbearing Nut, if possible, something like this but compatible size, original chasis length is: 10.75" / 27.3cm, dual ball bearing at the bottom, single at the top, and 0.5" OD T-ball bearings “with flanges”.

problem is plate holder moving part only has 1" depth.
Ballscrew flat side must be 1" maximum, chasis has a bit more headroom deeper almost 1/8", but the plate wont fit if ballscrew is bigger than 1", must be drilled / cutted to fit the bigger ballscrew head, if using more than 1"

original chasis depth is: 1.75+0.125" including moving plate, &
1.25" chasis only.
moving plate only: 1"
moving to chasis distance: 0.125"

#3. the 4" wide plate is Not enough for a 125mm spindle, but that aluminium part can be replaced “easy.”
with a wider plate, or maybe “ideally” making holes to screw directly the 125mm Spindle clamp holder that needs a 200mm / 20cm / 7.874" wide mounting plate into the 4" wide chasis… “2 birds, with 1 stone”

The chasis is also 4" wide and that was the main reason to purchase this Z kit.
the dual 0.5" guide rails / rods have 3" spacing between them, center to center.

also i like belt, because ratio can be changed / upgraded if needed. leadscrew is ~6mm OD / ~0.25" where the pinion of the belt is screwed.

the mounting screws for the plate are 2" wide, 3.5" high.
the 125mm spindle clamp is 3.937" high, 7.874" wide.

so this needs more modifications, the idea is to buy the most compatible parts, that need the minimum modifications to upgrade the x-carve 2017 model, 1000mm to the next level.

this is a log of the progress…

Tried to Order, but failed…
ScrewDrive Kit + 2" Lift

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