Spindle VFD upgrade

I am looking at a purchase in the near future and have some questions about a spindle upgrade for more precision and harder to cut materials (Acrylic, Lexan, G10, Carbon fiber) also noise. Looking at the forum I see .8 is popular and probably plenty for my needs. What is needed to make this work? I read the 65mm mounts either shim a 611 or make new. can it be connected to run with controller or is it stand alone? If I buy a VFD and spindle what else is needed? Can you guys tell me what you have?

If you get a water cooled version, you’ll obviously need to get a pump/reservoir/tubing to cool it.

I shimmed a DeWalt 611 mount with two layers of styrene: https://www.inventables.com/technologies/styrene-sheet

Seems to work just fine.

You also need to make sure your input voltage to the VFD is correct. I bought a 220v VFD and had to get a transformer to convert my 110v wall outlet to a 220v output. I got one of https://www.amazon.com/Goldsource-STU-3000-Voltage-Transformer-Converter/dp/B0022U0MSQ/ref=pd_sim_23_3?ie=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=33MXDCM2TE7KXNX5QZ0A and its works great. Its 3000w in case I decide to upgrade to a 2.2kw spindle later on.

Theres also a few settings you might have to set on the VFD, so keep the vfd manual close by. I found this blog to be incredibly helpful: http://www.halfbakedmaker.org/blog/post_id