Spindle vs router - Noise question

I currently have the dewalt router and am happy with it except for one thing; the noise. It’s loud. Has anyone swapped out their dewalt with a spindle and could let me know if the noise difference is that big. I’ve been looking at the 800 watt spindles and vfd drives. From what I’ve read it should be quieter but I’m really hoping to hear from someone who has done it that can give their opinion on the difference in noise level. Thanks.

What speed do you have the Dewalt on?

Not sure of the exact number but I normally keep it fairly low. Maybe a third of full speed.

I wear ear muffs. After all, when the time comes, you ultimately want to hear a baby cry.

I recently purchased this 1.5 kw spindle.
Holy @#$% is it quieter than any router I’ve ever owned. Now it is true that the noise from actually cutting is louder than the actual router. But noise is noise and it all adds up. Plus you have way more control over rpms so you can dial in just the right speed which also can reduce noise a lot. I’ll never go back to a router.

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Ah yes glad you asked probably the only real drawback is it is heavy. Heavier than the dewalt for sure but my nema 17 z axis motor doesn’t seem to care. Its not the stock nema 17 it is a .92oz.in/65Ncm 2.1A As far as causing issues on the other axes, none I’ve noticed. I weighed it before I installed it. Wrote it down but I’m not home right now. Can get you an exact number later if you want to know.

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How much does the spindle weigh?

5.9 lbs according to my bathroom scale.

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I’ve been using a refurbished Gerber dimension 2000 router with a 80mm Porter Cable unit. We cut mostly Aluminum. The noise is intolerable. The router is only responsible for some of the noise. The vacuum and the air rushing at the dust-chip collector is significant. The Al plate acts as a sound emitter. Our solution is to go with a water cooled 15KW spindle. Only have 110 volts. Put the vacuum in a sound proofed cabinet with exhaust muffler. Then we are going to build a sound proofing enclosure for the router. I thought about a noise canceling system but have no idea how to go about it. I’ve seen this in production lines and it’s unbelievable.

Once the system is up and running use a frequency analyser to determine the frequency of your noise, then it is much easier to attack the issue attenuating it. There are commercial solutions for this (mats / room dividers etc) that absorb specific frequencies.

A very dii-able approach is using a sandwich of 1mm alu sheet glued to panels with a 1/8" gap for flexible glue (google GreenGlue) The alu panel with be agitated by frequency (higher), that energy is damped by the glue and prevent propagation to the outside sheeting.
You can also use identical inside/outside sheeting but alu sheet dont consume much space/volume. (and low on weight)

Constrained Layer Damping (CLD):

Hello Bill, Indeed the Dewalt 611 is noisy. To attenuate the noise and vibration I install my X-carve 1000 on a rubberized type of vibration and to a certain degree the noise, a ‘Sp1ke’ matt. I reduce the noize from 84db down to 70-72db which it is to the limit of tolerance (for short period of time anyway). You may get such material Sp1ke from www.vigurus.com and talk to Paul Burke, I am sure that Paul will be pleased to respond. (see picture hereafter) you may get the Sp1ke to the color of your choice, if color is important.