Spindle won't power on

Something weird happened yesterday where the spindle would make the hum like it is spinning up and then just stop. Subsequent tries did not even make the spindle hum or spin. I tried everything suggested in other posts from unplugging everything and waiting 10min, restarting the computer, letting it sit overnight… nothing worked.

I did have a spare controller from some other troubleshooting and switched them out after the first issue. I was able to finish a few hours of carves and then the problem started back again. It almost seems like the spindle is the problem and causing something to short or trip inside the controller. Ideas??


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Did you replace the brushes , you can get replacement brushes on amazon, when they wear down the router will stop working

I’ve only had it a month. I can’t imagine that being the problem. Usually you will hear it start to fail if it’s the brushes. Do you have a link for some? I don’t recall extras coming with it.

X carve pros (this post was posted into that category) do not use a router nor a brushed spindle… .

Unless that category selection was a mistake🤷‍♂️

4 Pcs dwp611 brush Fit For Dewalt 611 brushes, Replacement For A27343-4 Motor Part https://a.co/d/a7qjaqp

Nope, I have the Xcarve Pro. Pretty sure it’s something different. You are correct about the palm routers though.

The spindle worked when I changed the controller then it stopped working with the new controller.


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So the answer was… the spindle was causing some kind of power issue with the VFD. no idea what caused the spindle to fail like that.

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I have the same problem. Any advise?

If you power OFF and unplug the Xcarve Pro Controller from the wall power and leave to sit for about 10 minutes the vfd will reset and it should allow you to run it once again.

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