Spindle wont spindle

I was right in the middle of a project and the spindle seemed to snag or something. It hesitated and then went off course. I stopped the project, stopped the spindle, and raised the bit. When I went to restart the spindle wont do anything when I turn it on. All wires are connected. Its the stock spindle which I see isnt even an option anymore. Is it just time to upgrade to the DeWalt?

Probably time to upgrade. Was the spindle one of the first runs that Inventables sent out? If you call Inventables I’m sure they will help you out with a replacement.

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Upgrade time. That stock spindle is nothing but trouble! Contact Inventables, as Rusty said, and they’ll work with 'ya!

Yeah, I ordered mine before they were released. It was part of the second batch sent out. I have seen people having trouble but I figured if mine was going to fail on me it would have by now. Guess I was too optimistic.

You may have set a record for the longest running original 24v spindle in an x carve!

But I agree with the others, gat in touch with Zach and the gang.
Experience shows that you will be well taken care of.

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