Spindle wont work (3018 / Candle / Spindle wont turn on)

hi all
and merry christmas
very new to CNC
at the moment I’m using easel beta
with a 3018 pro machine
I’m still learning , but having trouble getting it to work
i can get the x, and y movement and z , but can`t get the spindle to turn on
any suggestion would be great
thanks for your help
Ray Christiansen

ps have run the program that’s work OK. ( in the simulator work fine movement)
but no spindle,
have run this on GRBL candel works fine

I have this exact problem with a 3018 pro machine. All movements work fine in Easel but the spindle won’t turn on when I reach that step in machine set up. The spindle (and everything else) works fine with Candle and UGSender software. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks very much.

Check in with our support team (help@inventables.com) and we can help out!

Thanks for the reply. I discovered that I should have been setting the spindle control to “Automatic” instead of “Manual”.
Everything works fine now.
Thanks again.

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