Splitting a project

Hi Guys and gals. I really need some help. I have a sign I need to make. It is 36" long. MY work area is 30x30

I need your help figuring out how to split this project in half. Its a simple sign with a border and words on the top 1/3 and bottom 1/3 with simple graphics running across the middle.

Any hints in getting this done? My concern is alignment of course since Ive never split a project horizontally before.

I am using Inventables Easel for this project.

Could you post a picture of what you are wanting to do. Also search for Tiling in the search bar. It will pull up other discussions about this.

@CharlesRoseberry. I have done several videos on tiling. Here’s one
One more. https://youtu.be/jfnNfeCctwc
Ang questions just ask. Good luck with your project

CWe just took this 72” sign from our 1000x1000. Make sure your machine is square and the waste-board is flat. Check belts etc. The biggest headache we had the first couple of times was just the machine.

Make sure when measuring you use a ruler and not a tape measure.

We bolt a straight edge to the left side in line with home and in-line with the y axis travel.

We may have a couple of examples on our Instagram account (8thLine)

It’s not as bad as it seems with a little patience

Here is another one that is 48”


Thanks guys! I dont have a picture of what Im doing as I have been in Insurance classes for the last week. But, I will check the resources youve provided and look at it soon!!

This is what Im cutting. It would be a finished size of 37" in length (or height in the pic) and 27" in width.

My cutting surface is approx 30x30. I do not have a gantry machine. I have a moving bed for a gantry. (I would like to rebuild the machine to make it gantry, but thats another topic).

I have watched the first video links on youtube. and cheked the instagram but Regarding the instagram, I did not see any details in how you did your carves on these large signs.

I appreciate any and all suggestions. Thanks guys (and gals ) :slight_smile:

Don’t overthink it. You basically know you will have to carve half of it, move your board, and carve the other half. Take a 40 inch work piece, and divide it into to 20 inch halves. Find the center of both halves, and use for your starting coordinates. Clamp a straight edge on your bed for reference. Take half of the sign, carve it, move your piece and recenter on the second half. It will come out ok… with the 20 inch, you don’t have to find a split point… one carve could be 22 inches to grab other letters or parts, etc… this is one of those things you just have to do the first time to see it’s not that bad…

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Thanks for the encouragement Tim!