Spoil board leveling

couldnt there be a macro using the Z probe to create a “plane” on the spoil board for leveling? Probably not wording this right but using a comparator in my toolmaking career you could do this with out surfacing anything.
just a thought.

Just my opinion , but with the inaccuracies of extruded parts and tolerances in the steel parts, it would seem that a one time leveling would be a lot easier than trying to develop sophistocated software and hardware to do that. There is a macro for auto zero to the z setting tool that comes with the x carve. It just seems beyond the capabilities of GRBL to do any more than that.


guess i dont know where this macro is located either. just started using the probe and likeit so i need to find this. thanks

The macro I use with UGS is one that is written specifically for your probe thickness. I’ll see if I can locate it and include it here.

This is my x carve macro that I use in UGS and is based on one I found here in the forum or online IIRC. It is in inches . My inventables probe thickness is .589". A semicolon is needed in between each code.

G20;G91;G38.2 Z -.500 F1;G92 Z .589; G0 Z .125

the distance it travels at 1mm/second until it hits the probe is -.500". The height it raises after resetting zero is .125". I’m not sure how you would use it in Easel but probably you just need to load in the thickness of your zero block I bet. Yep see this youtube video.

Probing in easel walkthrough - YouTube

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