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Spoilboard annoyance

nope was .375 tooling aluminum. I will see if I can get a link or screen shot.

I bet you were looking at the price for a full 6ft x 12ft sheet.

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I agree. Sounds like a full sheet price. Screen shot I sent was 230 and shipping to California was only like $50

I see now I was looking at the wrong price, for whatever reason I was looking at the stock price.

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The wasteboard on the X-Carve is 39 5/16" X 37". I replaced mine a couple months ago with aluminum.

This is what I did quite a while ago. I did not but a wasteboard for the machine. I added a 1/4" aluminum plate (which I believe was less than $80, Canadian money even!!).
I drilled and tapped into the framework of the Xcarve extrusions (drilling centres in the plate before transferring) and fastened with flat head socket screws.

I had purchased some ‘C channel’ which accepts the head if a 1/4" hex head bolt which are tying down the material but you can move almost anywhere. I would recommend using more channel than I did to allow more clamping possibilities.
Before mounting the channel I made 2 sheet metal templates representing the size of the 1/2" MDF that I bought from the lumber store to use as the wasteboard (adjusting for the amount of channel you want to use).
The purpose of the templates is to not only a drill pattern for the screws into the aluminum plate (which you have to tap), but to act as a template when you think the wasteboard needs to be replaced. The template will be used for aligning a newly drilled and countersunk wasteboard to directly mount to the aluminum base.
The addition of the aluminum adds so much rigidity to the machine.

This is my first post, I think I did it right. Anything you need clarified, don’t hesitate to ask, I’ll try to remember to check back.