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Spokane, WA - Selling 1000mm X-carve

It’s been used very little and comes with bits, Z-Probe, Side Board, Dust Control, Homing Switches, Tool Kit, Clamp Set, and Digital Calipers.

REDUCED PRICE - Looking for $1,500 obo

Inventables CNC 1000

I am new to X-Carve. Looking to replace the Makermade M2 that I have for something more reliable. Does this everything needed to get to work? Are you willing to ship?

Hi Spencer! Yes, it works perfectly, but I’m not really sure how to ship it to you. Might be easier to sell to someone located near Spokane, WA.

Hi Justin!
I’m interested in the package you got here. lm located over in Portland, OR but would be more than willing to take a trip up to pick it up.



Hi Justin,
Is it still Available? Im very interested. I am in Western Montana so only a few hour drive for me.

Hi Steve! Yes, this is still available. Feel free to shoot me a text at 509-768-2522 and we can coordinate a time you can look at it. Thanks! -Justin