Spokes in gears ? Please help

I am trying to figure out how to make spokes for gears in easel ?Thank you for your help and any guidance .

not sure if this is what you mean. but this is a quick and dirty throw together gear from the app with spokes added (Just triangles placed at fill cut full depth).

of course you can get more detailed in your spokes and make them more symmetrical.

Kenneth it might be more helpful if you explained to Christopher how you did that.
Radial array I assume?

that is pretty much it.

  1. use gear app to create gear.
  2. place triangle in center of gear.
  3. arrange triangle to make spokes.

Or is it a gear, shaped like a coaster?


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here is a step by step in easel.

use the notes on each workpiece to explain what was done.

notes is the little icon on the top left corner of each workspace. click on the icon and note will pop-up and explain what each step was.

II want to thank you for your awesome help and guidance in my situation . I am surprised at how i have been surprised. i am so glad I chose this brand with the support of the community ! Thankx again , I will try this later this weekend !