Sporadic machine halts

I have issues ongoing with the machine halting well into the job. I have had it loose connection to the machine while I was zeroing XYZ (once). At first I though it was network connectivity but a search here indicated that network loss will not affect a job. I am going to apply chokes to the ethernet and USB cables next.

I am using the Ethernet cable delivered. The USB cable is a heavy-duty unit that has apparently been working fine. But when I run a job that takes more than an hour, it seems to fail to complete most of the time.

  1. Is it problematic that I mounted the controller on the bottom shelf of the workbench?
  2. I do not have an isolated ground available in the shop. I have a ground stake ~40 ft. away. Should I consider running a 12ga. line to it?
  3. Should I consider a conditioning UPS?

I am considering getting an electrician out to fortify power in my garage shop. I can trip a breaker if I turn on the heater, heat gun, or second vacuum for more than a few minutes. Any advise or recommendations welcome.

The first thing that I reccomend to any cnc user with connectivity issues is to disable USB selective suspend. Its a function that windows placed as default enables in early 2021 and has been causing havoc sinceā€¦

Thanks, but no Windows here. Ubuntu Linux. I was hoping there might be other suggestions.

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