Spray Glue and a Laser...Good or Bad? Material help needed

Hey Community,

I need help, here is the short question… Can I spray glue poster board to 1/16 clear acrylic and then cut it in the laster cutter?

More details.
I have a Gen 5 Full Spectrum Laser Cutter and a puppet company. We do shadow workshops with kids that involve us printing millions of poster board parts that the kids assemble and inevitably destroy. Tis the nature of poster board.

We would like to make more durable pieces (in a variety of colors). My concern is the possible toxic ramifications of burning the spray glue.

Any experience or thoughts on this topic?

Sub questions…
Have you done this and can you recommend a glue?

Any suggestions for a different opaque material that is inexpensive and safe to cut? We can go thinner than 1/16 but ideally not thicker.

Any pre sticky solutions? vinyl would be perfect if it could be cut in the laser.

Thanks for any thoughts on this quandary.

I don’t have an answer but am interested in the concept. Hopefully some of the Laser Guru’s will chime in.

MSDS the glue for toxic materials.