Spruce Strat build

I picked up some really nice, clean spruce and some Bolivian rosewood or a Tele that I’m making for a friend and had plenty of material to make a Strat, so I finally got off my butt and got busy. The neck will be started this week. Now I just need to get rid of a couple Tele’s that I built recently and I will be set!



Would you share that strat file by chance I don’t know enough about guitar building to find and modify one online to work I really want to cut a guitar body but not enough to build the file I use aspire

I did the belly (spindle sander) and forearm contours (disc sander) by hand so if you want those you will need to figure that out.

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I use the XC to make neck templates, made these specifically for this build. They are just a bit wider than the final shape so I can sand get a tight fit.


Thanks so much !

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why does the cutout path go .75 and not 1.75? do you finish it with a router?

Yes, I cut the rest with my bandsaw then clean it up with my table router.

Getting closer, decided to try something a little different on the sides and back for a kinda rustic fresh out of the fire look


Looking very nice! I’m really into that shou sugi ban style flamejob on some of my builds too. Those black sides came out great…

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I originally burnt the sides and, back and front but couldn’t get it the way I wanted, so I sanded it all off. The sides and back are done with 4 different stains.The top was just a little cherry stain and some 5 coats of clear.

And done! This makes 6 guitars using the XC.


I love the look of that burnt back, might try that on some Cigar Box builds I’ve got in the works :grinning:

Yep, I scored some Bolivian rosewood from a local woodworker store, it feels awesome!