Square Circle Diamond - Cutting Issues

This past weekend I had my machine up and running, and cut a couple random things into a scrap cedar board for giggles. Everything turned out fine. I’d used Easle and cut a square will a fill 2" across, and a circle with a fill 2" diameter. Both came out fine, and I was very pleased to see that both measured our to be 2.002". This was a great success I thought. The circle did have a small bump that it kept repeating at the top, but I’m digressing.

I ran a square circle diamond from Easle that was posted on the projects paged today, it was supposed to be a 3" square, with a 2.5" circle with a 2" diamond. I double checked the measurements and cut and they were 3/2.5/2 and were set to outline. I used a 1/8" 2 flute HSS straight bit, Cut it into birch plywood. My pencil markings didn’t come through in the picture so I drew them on in paint.

Problem 1: The Diamond has these bumps on the left and right sides, similar to what I had on my first circle. The machine appeared to move deliberately to cut them. I’m not sure what’s causing them.

Problem 2: The shapes were supposed to be 3/2.5/2" I definitely did not get that. All my shapes were well under. I ran the set up under easle the first time I ran the machine, and it actually cut the dimensions I wanted then, so I’m not sure what’s going on now.

Problem 3: My machine seems to get worse the smaller it cuts. The big square, all sides are equal to +/- .004" and it’s very square though slightly taller then wide. The smaller diamond is +/- .0115" and by the numbers taller in the up right direction.

If anyone could help shed some light on any of these, that would be appreciated.