Square isn't square

did you hand code that. That is what I expected to see Easel generate.


No, that is from Vcarve

OK but still what it should look like from Easel if Easel did things correctly.

The file could have been shorter, but I had it make three passes around the square so you can be sure your machine is tracking correctly.

Thanks Everyone - (I’m in Ireland - I wasn’t ignoring you all, I was asleep!)

Allen, thanks for going to all that trouble. How do I send that command to the x-carve? My trials were all 100 mm squares. Yours is only half that - but defects should still show up.

Now you get to learn all about the universal gcode sender. Google it and download version 2.0 and see if you can get it to load and connect to the X carve

There are a lot of threads here about how to do that

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Chilipeppr is another alternative to send that code to the machine. That’s what I’m working with almost exclusively at this point, and it’s been pretty easy to pick up.

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Hi, I see your problem for the first time. And I had to think about a problem I saw earlier…
Could it be that the z-axis is not perfectly 90 degrees?
Just a try?