Square or Rectangle with"Internal Radius" Corners

I’m trying to create a plaque with a shallow pocket that has “internal radius” corners as opposed to “external radius” corners that the square/rectangle tool in Easel provides.

I’ve tried entering negative values (wild guess!) as a corner radius. I’ve also tried using the circle tool to “overlay” each corner and then do a combine, but the results were not as expected.

Just wondering if anyone can set me on the right path???!
Plaque - Outside Radius Corners|586x340

Two rectangles:

  • One (the larger one) set to desired depth.
  • The other set to zero depth.

Both rectangles can have radii specified.

What do you mean by “internal radius” corners? Looks like you tried to add a pic, but it didn’t come through.

I was watching a VCarve Desktop tutorial, and got the idea there. That software provides the ability to specify internal or external radius corners. I was trying to find a way in Easel, but have not been able to so far.

And yes, I tried to include a screenshot of my feeble attempt, but I just took a screenshot off the Vectric website that probably better illustrates what I am trying to replicate.

VCarve Desktop - Internal Radius Corners.png

Thanks for you prompt reply, but I think the fact that my picture did not get included in my post, left my request somewhat ambiguous.

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I never have understood Easel’s option for radius corners. It gives the option to radius X and Y. What does that mean anyway?
Also whatever you enter into X gets addes to Y and vise versa.

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Distance from corner along that axis that the curve becomes tangent to the edge. Same in inkscape and other programs. You should be able to change them independently.



EXACTLY what I was trying to do!!! Thank-you so much!!! And the time you spent in preparing the animated GIF is MUCH appreciated!!! A picture/animation is worth a thousand words!!!

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Excellent job Neil. :joy::joy::joy:

@RussellCrawford Ha! No funny pic with the saying?

I hope yours will be more symmetrical. :wink:
Easier to make the GIF than type out instructions. I’m a middle school teacher…experience tells me that no one reads my instructions.

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Niel please try the method that I illustrated.
It is nothing like what you are showing in your gif. You are creating zero depth circle and combining it with the rectangle/square.

Sorry @MarkA.Bachman…answered two questions in one reply.

corner radius

Ok, initially it makes Y same as X but from there you can change it.

Ha!! I work in IT, users don’t read my instructions either!!

How do you make those animated GIFs?

For screen capture video:

To make GIF:

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I use Quicktime screen recording software for my how-to videos.

For what it’s worth, I was just browsing through some CNC-related YouTube videos and came across a Carbide Create video that showed how to create the effect I was looking for. They refer to it as a “flipped fillet” as opposed to VCarve referring to it as an “internal radiused corner”. Plus, we now we have Neil’s version of how to achieve this effect in Easel.
Once again, thanks for your help!!!

[Carbide Create - Flipped Fillet Feature] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hksW3y4KFgU)

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