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hi just got my x carve pro and trying to learn easle. my issue is I’m not great with computers and programs but i have a few questions.

  1. when i upload svg files how do i size them to fit my piece? example if svg file dimensions are 12x12 and i want to do larger say 16x16 how do i make bigger?

  2. the workpiece and grid in easle are square bit most of my svg files are circular designs. is there a way to change work piece to a circle to ensure design is as laid out on screen?

  3. how can i adjust depth cuts on certain areas. example is some svg files areas are darker so cuts seem to go deeper than others. want to make all the same of at least adjust some areas darker

  1. Just click anywhere away from the objects that way nothing is selected. Then, hit CTRL-A on your keyboard. This will select all of the objects on the workpiece. Then, select the Shape tab on the object control pane and check the lock icon. This will lock the aspect ratio of the design. All you have to do then is just change either the Width or Height to the desired amount and the other will change according to the aspect ratio.

  2. There is no way to change the grid from squares to circles, but I can’t see how that would prevent you from laying the design out correctly.

  3. To change different pieces of a design to different depths, the sections have to actually be different vector objects. If they are not actually connected but seem to be, you can send them through the Xploder app to get them to be separate. The Xploder app will create new objects and the old one can then just be deleted.

Does that help at all? If you need further guidance, you can share the project here and describe what you want to do.

To share a project:

  1. Select the Project>Share menu option
  2. Select the “Unlisted” radio button
  3. Copy the link, and paste it into a post here


Brandon Parker


Brandon Parker


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