Srt/bee emblem project. .25 inch emblems milled out of aluminum

I have a friend that has a challenger that was looking for a custom emblem for the rear bumper part of his car where it normally has the dodge logo. So with the image and going thru illustrator I make the svgs and then the tool paths for v carve. Both took about 1.5 for each to v carve and then outline cuts. Soon to lightly sandblast and then powder coating and painting the bee emblem to match the design he wants. I’ll be linking a video for my time lapse and info on my settings on YouTube.


What bits are you using? I have been struggling to find a good bit for engraving aluminum…

The inventables 1/8 90 for the v carving and I have some of the small engraving bits I’ll be trying out. I’m taking small steps down so it doesn’t mess anything up. I’m hoping to do the z axis mod and some other ones to really make it go faster. I’ve found some endmills online on eBay that seem good already. Had one just mess up the bee emblem but redid it again with a cheapo lol

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Colors I’ll be powder coating the emblems in and then painting the bee parts like the render.


After powder coating



that came out great, good job. Would you mind posting your feed rates and DOC? I’d love to see what you used.

Thanks! And the dpc was .01mm and sipped was around 1500 mm/min. Just used the 90 v bit from inventables and a cheap 1/8 2 flute endmill from eBay.

Was this cut on a factory x-carve? Did you have any upgrades done? Did you need to cool the bit down at all, or just use a typical dust boot?

Great to see this project come together. I’ve actually considered doing a few badges for some of my rides. I like the powdercoat idea. I considered polishing the aluminum, but with corrosion and the finish I think powdercoating is a much better idea. Easy to blast it and coat it.

Great Job!

Somewhat of a factory machine. Picked up a used x carve for $300 and have been adding onto it as the makerslide upgrade/white belting with steel molded into it and just the laser upgrade. My next thing to do is get the z axis upgrade and get the maker slide to make the y rails solid. I just dry cut the pieces and seems like no burning or chips/breaking yet. Yeah the powdercoating is way better to go and a lot of different things to be done to it. I tried to polish the aluminum and was like screw this lol



After painting the srt emblem and reworking the bee model. Just have to finish the eye/wing/tooth parts and then shipping out to the customer!


After painting the wings/teeth/eye parts! Shipping out this week!