St. George carve - clean up advice needed

I’ve been working on a St. George medallion carving.

The wood is the standard pine you get in Australia (pinus radiata) with the finishing pass done using a 1.5mm ball nose bit @ 0.2 step over.
One problem I’m having is that there are quite a bit of fuzzies and bit marks on the parts of the carve with more vertical relief.

Does anyone have any advice on how to clean this up without losing carving detail.
Thanks in advance.

You could do a narrow angle V-bit cleanup pass :slight_smile:
It will create a steeper and more defined transition between design and floor.

That might be an option if I hadn’t taken the piece off the machine and started doing some clean up. The slopes aren’t all vertical either.

Probably worth experimenting with on future efforts :frowning:

I also have a feeling that I’m pushing the limits of the detail that pine can handle.

That looks like it’d come up nice on a much finer grained wood.

If you like the white colour, see if you can get hold of some Rock Maple. It’s lovely & white, and it’s fine grain polishes up to almost a mirror finish.

I use the white Dremel sanding disk EZ472A to clean up my 3D carves and have had great success with select pine. Gets rid of the fuzzies and polished the surface pretty smooth.

Don’t press hard or it will melt from the friction!

Thanks, I’ll look those up

I ended up finishing it with Danish Oil. It came up a nice light honey - brown colour.

Oopps, reply meant for David Westly