Stabilized Wood Feeds and Speeds (help request)

I’m going to be making a project out of stabilized wood soon, and wondered if anyone has any info on feeds/speeds etc?

I will be working with a piece of Burr Elm (burl for the US users) stabilized with Turntex Cactus Juice, and I only have the one piece at the moment so can’t really do any experimenting.

I see a couple of users have mentioned stabilized wood in the past, so I hope somebody can give me some answers, as I’m struggling to find anything online really.


Cnccookbook now has feeds and speeds for wood. Try looking at that and see if it helps. Just a thought.

Is this through the G-Wizard program, or just on cnccookbook site itself somewhere?
When I had a trial of G-Wizard it had a wood section in materials, but I don’t remember ifit had stabilized in there (at the time I hadn’t heard if stabilized wood)

I think you maybe misread my post.
I’ve been using my Xcarve without issue for a few months now, and have speeds/feeds/depth of cut etc fairly well sorted out for a good few materials (various soft/hard woods, aluminium, perspex etc).

What I was looking for really was someone to give some insight into working with stabilized wood specifically.
I don’t know what effect the wood being permeated with resin will have on machining, and as I only have a single piece of stabilized wood at the moment I thought I would just see if anyone could give me some tips

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Sorry about that. I was not positive what stableized wood is. I just thought that in cnccookbook speeds and feed they now have wood settings but was not sure about the stableized wood. Just thought it was a place to look. I was thinking of the speeds and feeds area that they are always advertizing on cnccookbook. Good luck in your hunt.

Just to be clear it is not under G-wizzard. That is for gcode. There is a trial of speeds and feeds. I do not know about the sstabilized wood though.

I will have a look on the cnccookbook site when I get a chance, but it was definitely a trial of G-Wizard I was using to get some feeds/speeds when I started.

What is stabilized wood?

pressure treated?

I would start like carbon fiber. Fast and shallow.