Stacked or layered 3d logo

So, what’s the proper terminology for these projects? I’m looking at getting a carve done of our Fire department and station patch. These will be going on the wall on the main entrance to our station. I really like the 3d look and how it’s layered with about 5-6 layers. Just by looking at it, all the pieces are cut separately and glued together. How is this setup in Easel??, or would something like v-carve be more suited for this project? How can I do it?

Here’s the two projects i’m looking at creating:

And this is the look i’m going for. The 3d awesomeness:

Any help is much appreciated. thanks


The San Antnoio wood projects photos are from… They do really great work

Two issues come to mind:

  1. Do you have the original art files as vectors? If so, breaking the artwork into parts shouldn’t be that hard. If you don’t have the original vectors then you’re going to want to create some. That will likely be the hardest part. Software tracing might not work well due to the level of detail.
  2. Your logos are quite a bit more detailed than the “3D” sample you’re looking at. You’ll likely either need to simplify them a bit, or cut them pretty large.

Off subject but that’s the last White Castle on the way to FL. Good luck from Markesan fire dept.