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I’m guessing the carve used plunging, but not ramping I think ahead of my typing speed sometimes too and end up writing the wrong words sometimes too, I wont hold it against you at all :stuck_out_tongue:

But since were on the subject of plunging, unless Jonathan also changed the $112 value then the default settings limit the plunge rate to only 19.68 IPM just a heads up on that part… setting them above 19.68 without changing those settings will just result in shortened time estimates and longer actual carve times :slight_smile:

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No actually at the bottom there’s a ramp option

I watch that video I was sent turned the switches to off inside the controller box then went I. An set the settings to $= 255 I think

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Indeed, I missed that one. It was definitely supposed to state that neither used the ramping feature.


Brandon Parker

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Do you know of a video or info to zero the z axis and tramming?

Tramming an Xcarve: (shown using Tim’s tool)

Tramming a CNC in General with a home made tool: (I like this one better because he hits on very important steps in the process (surfacing the board first, then tramming…), but it can be confusing sometimes to see and hear someone talk about a different type of machine…)

Z zero is simply set using a probe or paper method sometimes. the probe method is very simple, set the probe on the surface hit the probe button… paper method is very similar, jog down in tiny increments just until the paper feels resistance sliding back and forth, then you’r at the surface, pull the paper out and hit “Set Z zero”

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