Staining nooks and crannies

had some pieces to stain. Have been promising a video for a while now…

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Nice work. Pretty brave of you doing that in the kitchen :grinning:

Purchased the granite surface table when I was a bachelor years ago with full intent to safely craft into marriage. I have a pretty understanding wife who was filming. pretty sure she suggested the technique and acknowledged the amount of floating particles in the garage was high…

I have used the dunk technique on some smaller pieces of my woodcrafts in the past. works awesome.
the trick is to get all the stain out of the nooks and crannies. Kinda the opposite of getting it in there. But at least if you miss getting it out it doesnt stand out like a single bulb in a christmas tree.

If anyone goes searching for one of those pans at a home center I believe what is shown is a water heater catch pan. Very helpful if your heater is not on a non permeable (concrete) floor.

yes. that’s correct. I think I named it incorrectly in the video.

I take the piece outside, grip with a clean paper towel (still have gloves on that may have quite a bit of stain on surface), hold the piece tightly (in an area that won’t snap off), and flail around like a mad-person (really just big arm circles). The centripetal force drives the stain out. Then wipe a bit more so it doesn’t settle on the outside surface.