Staining then painting carved letters

Hey guys, what’s the best way to stain a project then paint the carved letters? I’ve tried the paint mask, but it just keeps ripping off.

The mask keeps ripping off, or the paint keeps ripping off?

If it’s the mask, what mask are you using? Have you tried Oramask 813?

If it’s the paint (assuming you’re using rattle can), try pulling the mask up immediately after spraying you final coat.

It’s the mask that is tearing up and getting stuck to my bits. I used Oramask 813 with a 1/8 Sprial Bit and a 90 degree v bit and both didn’t work. Driving me crazy. Lol.

Are you using an applicator to press the vinyl down really well and get out all of the air bubbles?

I’ve had good luck with my V-bits, so I’m not sure why you might be having problems there. Assuming you’re using the Dewalt 611, you’re keeping it at speed setting 1, right?

An up-cut bit will definitely give you issues, try a down-cut bit.

No i only pressed it with my hands and I believe my DeWalt is on 2. I’ll try dialing it back tonight and make sure to better apply the mask. Hopefully will work out. Thanks

Here is a video on it

Awesome video. Thanks for sharing. I wonder if that would work using spray paint.

Most spray paints are oil-based - those would just end up in a mess. :slight_smile: Water-based spray paints do exist, though.

I just started using oramask and have had good results using 1/8 bit and 90 degree v bit. I stain my wood first then add a few coats of spray lacquer and lightly with 220 before putting on the oramask. I smooth the oramask using a p;atic bondo spreader.

After carving I do a light spray of clear and let it dry before adding my color in a few light coats.

Thanks for all the advice gents. I tried a few different methods today. I was surprised at how good the oramask worked once I put it on correctly, it was flawless. Also did the method from the video and it also came out great. Guess I found my ways of doing it now! Thanks again!