Stars on the unions are different sizes

I have cut a couple of flags. And stars are gradually getting bigger from the bottom right to the top left. If anyone has any info, I would appreciate the help.

Everything else seems to be like it should. The stripes and lettering looks and measures good.

I’d guess your wasteboard isn’t perfectly level. Double-check those stripes - I’d put money down that the top stripe is a little wider than the bottom stripe, and the left side of all the stripes are a little wider than the right side of all the stripes.

If all the stripes do measure out perfectly, you may just have a high spot a the top left of your work piece. Might be the wasteboard, or the piece itself.

Cg49me, I just checked for level. Overall the machine itself is really to being perfectly level, both directions. But, when I put a straight edge across the waste board, it looks like it has a little sag in the center. Only a couple thousandst maybe. I’m gonna try and see if I can shim it some way. Any other suggestions.

Shim it and add a 2nd wasteboard on top and perform a “skim” cut, shaving off the top surface.
This ensure waste board X/Y plane is aligned with you Z-axis.

I shimmed mine in several areas between the base and the waste board using pieces of SBS in the areas I needed it, it worked for me.