Start from center

My projects are made by hand and I want to use easel for the engraving ,
Is there any way to start this from the center of my project so I know it will be where it should be ?

Yes, in one of the tabs (maybe the machine tab) on easel there will be a drop down menu. It will have some dots that make a square and then a dot in the center. The lower left dot is prob filled in, just click the center dot and that should be it. Sorry, I am at work and not looking at my machine so not very detailed explanation.

You must have a different version of Easel. The version I have only allows the work home to be at lower left.

You can however move your work so that the exact center of the work piece is at the lower left of the work area

Here is how the left side of ease looks normally

To make your work zero in the middle of the square just move it like this. You can use the middle grab points to help align your shape with the X and Y axis to be sure you have the middle in the right spot.

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Well I’m prob just wrong. Lol. I’ve never done anything besides starting in the lower left and I figured those little dots meant it would start in dead center of project. Oops.

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Maybe this technique will help everyone…

I use the center feature of Easel all the time for jobs like the original post mentioned.

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Yes, those are the ones I was thinking about

Crucially, you also have to enter 0,0 as the position after you click the center domino button. That button only tells it where to anchor the piece.

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