Start from last operation

Hi… So I know my fault. But my pc just rebooted. In the middle of a carve. Is there a way for it to update as we carve. And if it restarts it will remember the last part it was on.

after a restart i dont think theres any g code sender that will remember what line it was on last, to just be able to start from where it left off… what i have done, which can be done successfully if done right, is if your using something like chilipeppr that actually shows things like what line number is ready to send, is sent, has been executed and is ready to execute. if you can remember the last line number it actually completed (not just sent to buffer), then you can just load the gcode to chilipeppr, reset you zero exactly where you originally set your zero on the work piece, and search for the line number again and start the gcode from that. which i think now you can just search the gcode number ( you used to have to scroll all the way down) and hover your mouse over the line you want to start at and there will be an option that says “set as new start position”
i think best way to get the exact zero is before you start the carve, home the machine and set all the zeros
then move the bit to the “new” zero on the work piece,
take note of the distance traveled from the home zero to the work piece zero and write it down the respective distances from each axis
incase you have a reboot or restart problem, just home you machine again and move your bit the same distances you just wrote down from each axis
and look for the line number it left off at (if you can remember or constantly watching and remembering) and start from that line number
and just hope it doesnt have a problem completing your project

hope this helps, its the only way i have found works. had to try it for a 3d carving project ( said to be 8 hours long) didnt want to run the machine that long so i ran 4 hours one day and did for hours the next day, everything looked like it worked out fine.just make sure your work piece does not move at all.

I realized afterward. That if I had not moved the spindle in anticipation of having to re zero and start over. It actually seemed like it was restarting. I re opened easel. Hit carve. From last home position. While I had already moved spindle to different one. And it started cutting theist thing it was working on.

Is this my imagination. Or? I think I’ll test it. Lol