Start Half Way Through G Code

I Broke a tool due to not taking the clamps and tool height into consideration, fixed now, BUT

How can I start at a selected point in the G code, half was completed, I don’t want to waste 30 min waiting for it to go over ground it has already cut


You’ll have to manually edit the gcode to start halfway through.
You can use a visualizer like this one to help you know where you were.
Once you know, i always go back to a previous retract move and remove everything, aside from the header, before that point.
Are you familiar with gcode?

Another option would be tojust speed up the feedrate 200% until you get close.
Last, if it works for your project, you could generate new code with the previously carved areas covered.

Depending on your project you can cover the areas that it has carved already with a box cutting to zero depth then it will only cut what is left.

Been there done that with the speed thing like Neal suggested.

Both these options are easy workarounds.