Start in middle of project

I was doing a cut on a piece of wood I really want to save, and it just stopped, easel reset and I would like to start back where it stopped.
bit is still in correct position. Having said that, i don’t have homing, I use Easel Pro exclusively, and am as fresh as you can get, I don’t know G code. Thanks

But as far as the controller is concerned this dont matter because it isnt aligned with the work coordinates.

Where ever the machine is at at power-up is where it will default to machine zero.
A consistent machine zero require homing switches, where it will reset machine zero when used.

Without homing switches you need a consistent reference point for your work zero.

I’m not a gcode guy either. I’d highly suggest you buy one of these:

This will make life easier in general, and in cases like these will guarantee you start again in the EXACT same place.

True, but depend on a untouched reference corner on the material.

I really recommend setting the machine up with homing switches, do a homing prior to setting your work zero and all you need to do after a reset/abort is re-home and the machine and material is again in sync :slight_smile:

If the bit snapped / or tool was changed re-zero on Z will be required. I often use my spoil board to reference Z off of