Start of a huge inlay

Why do I do these things to myself? lol

Dimensions of the wood are 24”x30”. Just decided to test myself for some crazy reason and do a friends business logo. Hopefully get some of the pieces carved tonight to go in. Painted 1/2” mdf with oil enamel black semi gloss. So far I’m happy, we’ll see how the tiny pieces that go in the inlay turn out. Fingers crossed.


You do it because you can.
Cant wait to see the finished product.
Very nice work.

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Looking nice!

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Thanks to both of you. My OCD is killing me. Coming from an auto body past, a spec of dust in the paint is driving me nuts, but I’ll live. Getting ready to put mini me to bed and start on the skull pieces for the inlay. And…speaking of paint, all I think I’ll be using from here on it oil based enamel paint. Dries harder that wood pecker lips lol

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No, that’s not chatter marks. I left all of the detail in the design to see how it would turn out.

These 3 pieces took just a couple minutes to carve. Got a couple paying jobs I need to get done tomorrow then I’ll get back to this.


.25” thickness exactly, cut to final depth of .235” since most pieces were too small for tabs. Razor knife to cut the last .015”. A little light sanding on the edges for fuzzies from cutting with the knife and I’m ready for paint. Then cutting the lettering.


Wow I like the additional dimension effect, nice work!

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I am sure it is going to turn out great. But why are you cutting the inlays as seperate pieces? I always just vcarve the entire inlay as one large piece with a very thin backing that I cut off after the glue has dried.

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Way easier to paint this way for me. Takes a little time knocking off the edges with sand paper, but not much. My hands shake pretty bad at times due to my MS so brush painting small pieces like this would be a mess and even more of a pain to clean up. Like this I can just put them on a piece of scrap I use to paint other stuff, spray it, let it dry and then put it back and glue it. If I wasn’t painting any of it and just using different wood species your way is how I would do it.

Thanks, that makes sense. I have never painted an inlay work, but I see how your way would make painting much easier.

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It’s not a normal inlay where the pieces are flush with the surface. The cape skull will sit about 1/8" off the surface, and all text will sit 1/4" high.

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Almost there…

These letters are THIN!!

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