Start position

Can anyone answer why my cutter does not go back to its exact starting position where it started.
When I check, there is a difference of a few millimeters.
There will be problems when I have to change to another bit.
Is there any setting or adjustment I need to make.
I have frequently checked the belts, and they where ok every time.

Sounds like you are loosing steps somewhere along the cut. If it is not a lot you may not see it in the cut but it is showing up when the bit returns. Make sure your $1=255 then the only other thing i know is to cut your settings back a little.


I´ll check the settings

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I agree with Wayne it sounds like your cnc is loosing steps.

In addition to setting $1=255 its best to also adjust the dip switches to get more strength as well…

Heres the official method to do multibit carves, however if the cnc is properly locked you can usually skip the lock/unlock buttons and there is usually no need to home it between bits either

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