Start where I left off

Can someone reach back to me on the stopping the project for the day and want to pick it back up tomorrow at the same spot I left off on?

Thank you, Tracey

That works fine if you use the pause button, and don’t have a power glitch over night.

I tried it once, had a power blip and had to start all over again. That can be a problem if you have already machined away your starting reference.

Yah tried that, it doesn’t work… thank you

What doesn’t work?
You can pause a job for an indefinite amount of time.

I have never done it all night but have for a couple hours because i needed to leave, Came back hit the button and away it went.

I have tried to pause it overnight and come in morning and computer shut down and had to start all over again. I have done it if I leave for a couple hours and it was fine. Just have a detailed job that wants to run 14 hours…

Windows update?

Easel job? That seems long for anything not 3D.

14 hours doesn’t seem like an unreasonably long carve to me and I don’t have any trouble resuming jobs after clicking the “Pause” button. But for a 14 hour job, I’d set up the carve, start the machine, lock up the shop and go home.

The Pause button work just fine but a prerequisite is to ensure the connected PC dont go to sleep/resets during the pause stage.

For longer carves I try to break up the design into smaller segments and do them incrementally. Not all designs are suited for this though.

Please dont.


Yeah, you are right and I am wrong. There’s too many things that could go wrong even on the most perfectly maintained machines and careful set ups. Leaving the machine to run overnight on it’s own is a pretty bad idea and I am not even going to try to defend it. I’ve been lucky and that’s that.

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