Started building - quick question about waste board?

Hi Folks,

Building my X-Carve 1000 is pretty daunting as I’ve never done anything like it. I hope my questions don’t seem too silly :slight_smile:

Anyway, the x-carve was bought in the UK via Robbosavvy and I took the option of the waste board which is made in the UK.

The clamping holes are not countersunk as per the instructions on Inventibles. Looking forward at the instructions and the many cool ways people have gone about constructing waste boards this doesn’t seem like a problem. Does anyone think differently or am I ok to go ahead?

Many thanks

The holes are usually counter sunk on the back for your threaded inserts. It helps the inserts stay straight and sit flush with the board when screwing them in. You can get a counter sink bit in b&q for a couple of pound.
I opted to make my own board and I done a couple of the countersink holes a bit too shallow and the insert stuck out a bit. I had to take them out and redo them.

I just built my 1000 recently and nearly got caught out a couple of times with the instructions. If you get stuck, feel free to give me a shout

Dont be afraid to post your questions, even if you think they may seem silly. If you dont know the answer to something, it’s certainly not silly to you, though it may be to some of us. Many of us were once in your position and advanced from there. Many had what were thought, by them, to be silly questions. Most got the answers they needed. Some got smart-assed replies, Possibly because the original poster failed to practice due diligence by using the forum’s search function (HINT!). or because the respondent was feeling particularly snarky at the time . What ever the case,dont take it personally and ask away!

Every expert was once a beginner,

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Hi, thanks for your replies and helpful advice. i’ve done the inserts now and onto next step.

thanks again,

Good stuff. Hope all goes well.